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Bike critical mass event April 6, 2008

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Today, there was a bike critical mass event, organized in more than 18 major (and more minor) cities around Greece. Podilatreis, our  local (Chania) critical mass team, organized a ride in the city streets.

About 200 people of every age took part in the ride, proving that there is a strong demand for incorporation of policies that favour and respect bike movement in the city streets.

Depicted next are a few photos; for more photos check this flickr collection.


bike site: SingleTracks March 31, 2008

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A nice  web site for news and keeping track of your rides:


Podilatreis Group in Facebook! March 30, 2008

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Finally,  I created the Facebook Podilatreis Group! Everyone is welcomed to join!


Podilatreis bike ride to Vryses village, Chania

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Today’s ride around Vryses village, Chania prefecture. The weather was sunny but not too hot thus favoring bicycling.

At times we got off road, following some nice paths:

Spring in it’s best!

After the ride we had lunch in a nearby tavern.

The whole photo album (86 photos) can be found here!