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I am back! January 21, 2009

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Yeap, it is being a long time since the last post …

No, i wasn’t on a bike ride around the globe, nor i was struck by a car. I am alive (and kicking…!)

It happened before and it will probably happen again, but hey … i hope this time i will be posting on a more regular basis …

It will be difficult due to my limited spare time but Twitter and Friendfeed will give me much more motivation to keep on blogging this time 🙂


Mounteneering @ Kollita Gorge, Katw Poros April 19, 2008

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Last Sunday, after an adventurous travel with Mounteneering Club of TUC, we finally spotted the path to Kollita Gorge, Katw Poros. Actually, the difficult part was due to weather (about 33 C and high humidity levels) and not the rocks! Afterwards, we visited the Sarakas tavern to taste his delicious snails!

More photos can be found here


Bike critical mass event April 6, 2008

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Today, there was a bike critical mass event, organized in more than 18 major (and more minor) cities around Greece. Podilatreis, our  local (Chania) critical mass team, organized a ride in the city streets.

About 200 people of every age took part in the ride, proving that there is a strong demand for incorporation of policies that favour and respect bike movement in the city streets.

Depicted next are a few photos; for more photos check this flickr collection.


PsaroGiorgis @ Chania April 5, 2008

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After the Kevin Yost music event last week, yesterday, PsaroGiorgis, a great folk Cretan musician (son of famous Psarantonis) was performing in town. Had a great time!


Mantinades and Captain Sarakas

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Yet another delayed post 🙂

Two weeks ago, during another great food adventure series, we visited tavern Sarakas in a small village called Kato Poros, Rethymno prefecture.

The food was really delicious as expectedin a classic Cretan tavern.  What was really suprising  was that the tavern walls was full of mantinades (short Cretan poems), some of them really amazing! We couldn’t resist but writing one mantinada ourselves in the walls!

And of course the tavern host (which we call Captain Sarakas) is a really great guy!

See for yourself:


Rethymno 2008 Carnival!

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This is a delayed post 🙂

For the 4 past years we attend Rethymno Carnival. It turns out to be one of the  favorite events of the year, as we always have a great time. It just keeps getting better every year and we have turned out to be Huge fans!

I have uploaded most photos (220!)  this flickr collection!

Will also upload some videos too, enjoy!


bike site: SingleTracks March 31, 2008

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A nice  web site for news and keeping track of your rides: