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I am back! January 21, 2009

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Yeap, it is being a long time since the last post …

No, i wasn’t on a bike ride around the globe, nor i was struck by a car. I am alive (and kicking…!)

It happened before and it will probably happen again, but hey … i hope this time i will be posting on a more regular basis …

It will be difficult due to my limited spare time but Twitter and Friendfeed will give me much more motivation to keep on blogging this time 🙂


LinkedIn profile & Curriculum Vitae update March 11, 2008

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I have at last updated my LinkedIn profile. I have already reached a number of 13 recommendations from my colleagues, after the recommendation request I sent them a few days ago.  I am  feeling  very lucky and proud for having such good friends & trustful colleagues; this  is one  of the most important  assets  one can posses  in this life! I  would like to publicly thank all of them!

I am also trying to update my Curriculum Vitae  (oops, it is already four years old!) . I have found various nice recent  packages for CV  writing in Latex; one of particular interest for academic CVs can be found here.


It’s a long time … January 18, 2008

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when i started this blog, i never though i would post everyday, but hell, it is almost one and a half year after the last post!!!  Perhaps I was too busy with  my PhD, riding my bike on the mountains or swimming across the seas 🙂

Too many things changed during that time … Times ago i used to spent many hours a day coding and keep myself updated by reading a great deal of stuff all over the net. So, if this blog existed during these glory days, it would have been probably populated with thousands of posts (what a miss!) .

So, today i found myself trying to find out the latest news on the (code) development arena untill i realized i have missed a lot of important info! Since the only code i write lately is in Latex (papers/reports etc.) i feel that starting writing again in this blog will push me a bit updated as far as (code) development is concerned which in turn may result starting some kind of cool personal project to keep me busy 🙂

I need my hacker alter-ego come back!