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Firefox cloudlet plugin January 21, 2009

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In a previous post i said that Opera is one of the few non-open source programs I use due to it’s speed, standard compliance (100% Acid test), simple yet intuitive and extremely configurable interface.

I have (at last) finally moved to Firefox, since it has become fast, secure and has this enormous set of useful plugins. Some of the plugins i use try to resemble Opera a bit :

There are some really invaluable plugins like greasemonkey, zotero and ubiquity but the coolest one i have found so far is the cloudlet search plugin. It filters Google searches by Tag or site allowing not only to narrow down your query results but also to discover very similar content!

Coolness factor : 5/5!


Opera 9.5 beta March 29, 2008

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In a previous post I said that Opera is one of the few non-open source programs I use and gave the best credit for their browser. Well, since I upgraded to the 9.5 beta 1 (build 1643) I am reconsidering. It is by far the worst version of the Opera browser I have ever used! I really can’t believe they released such a buggy version to the public!

Here are some issues :

  • it doesn’t respect the cache limits: gradually took over all the (limited) free space of my home partition and I lost my (>5000) bookmark  and contacts file!!! What worse could happen, really?
  • it doesn’t respect address limit size: trying to write to the address bar may take a few minutes!!!
  • Opening loaded pages takes too much time and a 100% CPU
  • The program periodically freezes, also freezing everything!!! I get this nice message all the time: “(operapluginwrapper:9762): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_destroy: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)’ failed
  • I upgraded to this latest version in order to be able to surf sites using the latest Flash, but most of the time this also doesn’t work, so I use Firefox instead.
  • Dragging a web address to bookmarks, doesn’t save the creation time
  • Many more bugs tired to list here…

Please, Opera people get serious!


Opera prepares for version 10? July 29, 2006

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According to this C|net article, Opera prepares version 10 of it’s successful browser.

Wow, it’s not a long time since I updated to version 9. Opera is the ONLY non-open source program I use on my Linux boxes for many years now! It combines rock-solid functionality with an excellent interface.

I really like it’s simple yet intuitive and extremely configurable interface.
(Well in terms of design, it reminds me of Google’s simple interface – simple is beautiful!)
Opera was one of the first apps to use mouse gestures and they have also build a multimodal-enabled version in cooperation with IBM (should test this sometime on my Zaurus)

It’s standard-compliant and it’s blazing fast (compare to pre-firefox mozilla days) and secure (vs IE).I have got 5000 opera bookmarks & a big mailbox and I can quickly find anything in msecs!

In terms of functionality, a jabber IM plug-in would make it almost complete!

<The company expects version 10 to work on and across any platform>
I have already Opera running on my Zaurus PDA and my K700 mobile! – Opera mini is really cool! This gives a strategic advantage for Opera. I think desktop browser wars don’t matter any more, mobile browsing is the next frontier.

<Opera is aiming for a day when people needn’t use a full desktop operating system, instead using a browser and Web applications for most tasks>
This is another cool idea, especially for the mobile space, browser is the computer! And this widget idea is really promising, especially for the mobile space.

<There is also a big push in the company toward creating developer tools>
Attracting developers to it’s already small but dedicated community would be a huge plus. Go for it Opera!

These Norwegian trolls are really cool!

Coolness factor : 4.5