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Bike critical mass event April 6, 2008

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Today, there was a bike critical mass event, organized in more than 18 major (and more minor) cities around Greece. Podilatreis, our  local (Chania) critical mass team, organized a ride in the city streets.

About 200 people of every age took part in the ride, proving that there is a strong demand for incorporation of policies that favour and respect bike movement in the city streets.

Depicted next are a few photos; for more photos check this flickr collection.


bike site: SingleTracks March 31, 2008

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A nice  web site for news and keeping track of your rides:


Podilatreis Group in Facebook! March 30, 2008

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Finally,  I created the Facebook Podilatreis Group! Everyone is welcomed to join!


Podilatreis bike ride to Vryses village, Chania

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Today’s ride around Vryses village, Chania prefecture. The weather was sunny but not too hot thus favoring bicycling.

At times we got off road, following some nice paths:

Spring in it’s best!

After the ride we had lunch in a nearby tavern.

The whole photo album (86 photos) can be found here!


You Never Bike Alone! March 29, 2008

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For many years I remember Vancouver to be listed in the top 5 of the “best cities to live” world-wide.  Although it has the fourth highest population density for a major city on the continent, it  seems to be a bike-friendly city according to WikiTravel. Nevertheless it has a very  vivid biker community according to the “You Never Bike Alone” documentary:

“It is about how cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city. The cycling phenomenon known as Critical Mass is a reclamation of public space that started in San Francisco in the early 1990s and spread by the internet throughout the world. On a set day, at the end of every month, cyclists and other self-propelled people ride en masse through city streets. ”

Our local (Chania city) critical mass community is  called Podilatreis  and it’s activities can be tracked in this blog (in Greek). From time to time we also organize various rides away from the city, inside the beautiful prefecture of Chania. For tomorrow we plan a ride to the  Vryses village. I have got two empty slots in my car’s bike stand for anyone interested. Vrououououououououom, ready to go!

car bike stand  (more…)


(extra-) ordinary Sunday January 28, 2008

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After a lot of hard work during the past week, I thought i would give  me a  break (as i do  with most Sundays).  The wheather  was shiny , so  i rode my bike  around the old city  of Chania, but  that was not  enough.  I loaded  the bike  onto my car and  went  to  “Agious Apostoloys”  area  to  ride across the park.

Having four different small beaches around, i could not resist, so i went towards the sea and after a short time of hesitation, i did it! My first  swim  of the  year!  Now the best thing when swimming during January in Chania, is that while inside the cold sea, you have a magnificent view of the snowed “White mountains”! An amazing feeling!

After having a hot bath back home, i became too hungry, so i started calling my friends to go for the usual “another great food adventure” travel, as we usually do every Sunday  (perhaps we should publish our adventures in a related book sometime) . After doing this for the last 3 and a half years i though i had not much too see but it turns out i was wrong (again). We went to “Aidonisos”, a great restaurant in Gerani village. The plates were huge, food variety rich and the food was really delicious! I especially the “Volos tarta” and the “Vietnamese stakes”!

Getting back to Chania, we desperately needed a coffee break, so we headed to the “Kipos” cafe inside the central park. Returning to home late the night i fell in bed with a big smile. The spring season is coming, and i can’t wait for more such days to arrive.



Daily bike rides July 29, 2006

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Where i ride everyday (almost) :

When in Chania : (Nea Chora, around 8pm)

Nea Chora Chania

When in Ierapetra :
wakiki beach Ierapetra

Any similarities 🙂 ?

Coolness factor : 5!