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Firefox cloudlet plugin January 21, 2009

Filed under: web — perak @ 8:49 am

In a previous post i said that Opera is one of the few non-open source programs I use due to it’s speed, standard compliance (100% Acid test), simple yet intuitive and extremely configurable interface.

I have (at last) finally moved to Firefox, since it has become fast, secure and has this enormous set of useful plugins. Some of the plugins i use try to resemble Opera a bit :

There are some really invaluable plugins like greasemonkey, zotero and ubiquity but the coolest one i have found so far is the cloudlet search plugin. It filters Google searches by Tag or site allowing not only to narrow down your query results but also to discover very similar content!

Coolness factor : 5/5!


One Response to “Firefox cloudlet plugin”

  1. Nikos Says:

    Hi my friend, it is the first time that I visit your blog and I bump into an interesting blog about firefox. I would like to add in your list of valuable add-ons the Adblock plus ( add-on. Install it and no more advertisements on the web for you.


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