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Ten reasons why we love Linux March 24, 2008

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I first used Linux in ’95 for the operating systems course. A couple of years later I permantely switched to Linux, getting rid of the Windows crap for two main reasons:

First, Windows was too damn unstable, to the point of being useless. I was too tired of the “blue screens of death” and maintenance was a hell.  Microsoft was even advertising “innovations” such as sym links and a file system with more than 16 character long names… (no comment here!)

Second, Linux was such a better development platform & a  pretty learning tool for wannabe geeks, you could not resist playing with!

I was trying to persuade people and friends to give Linux a try for a long time. This came up to be difficult even inside an academic institution, so I gradually gave-up.

Although much has changed since then (Windows finally became somewhat stable,  Linux got easier installation methods/better hardware support and wider adoption), the debate is not over yet!

Dan Martin in his post “Things I can do in Linux that I can’t do on Windows” gives 11 reasons why he likes Linux. Although i disagree with item 6 (thus 10 used in the post title), overall it is a nice article that can help some people to finally change their mind 🙂


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