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My 15 minutes of fame! March 11, 2008

Filed under: HCI,interfaces,Multimodal,Speech,technology — perak @ 8:41 pm

Our work in Telecommunications Lab, at Technical University Crete (TUC) was featured in “Orizontes” documentary series of Kydon TV channel. We demonstrated some of our demos :

  • My work on multimodal interfaces (part of my PhD), including a travel. reservation multimodal (GUI + speech) application running on a Zaurus Linux PDA
  • The automatic video summarizer system (part of MUSCLE NOE european research project showcases).
  • An audio-visual (AV) recognition system (also part of MUSCLE NOE european research project showcases).
  • The multi-mic robust speech recognition demo (part of Hiwire european research project showcases).

We could not showcase the augmented-reality demo, we developed in cooperation with VTT (speech recognition integration), since we currently miss the appropriate hardware, hope we get it soon.

Some of these demos will go public, either by posting videos on YouTube or by releasing the source as open source in Sourceforge/Google code.

More on this as well as a more detailed description of the demos in following future posts!

Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “My 15 minutes of fame!”

  1. Ori Inbar Says:

    I am passionately sharing my findings about augmented reality in a new blog: games alfresco; games you can play outdoors. I think it’s pretty cool.
    My latest post is the irresistible: “Top 10 augmented reality demos that will revolutionize video games”. It’s a result of sifting through thousands of demos. It’s also reflecting my vision of the future of augmented reality games.

  2. DiGeomel Says:

    Άντε, ανέβασε κανά βίδεο να δούμε κι εμείς! 🙂

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