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LinkedIn profile & Curriculum Vitae update March 11, 2008

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I have at last updated my LinkedIn profile. I have already reached a number of 13 recommendations from my colleagues, after the recommendation request I sent them a few days ago.  I am  feeling  very lucky and proud for having such good friends & trustful colleagues; this  is one  of the most important  assets  one can posses  in this life! I  would like to publicly thank all of them!

I am also trying to update my Curriculum Vitae  (oops, it is already four years old!) . I have found various nice recent  packages for CV  writing in Latex; one of particular interest for academic CVs can be found here.


3 Responses to “LinkedIn profile & Curriculum Vitae update”

  1. aboud Says:

    perak prove that you are a geek; write your CV in troff. Only for unix paranoids!!!

  2. perak Says:

    My friend aboud, i have been writting in Latex since ’96, i wrote this obsolete CV in openoffice, in a PC lacking latex. My new CV will be in latex for sure, be patient!!

  3. DiGeomel Says:

    If you don’t want your CV to be read only by geeks, do it in the EuroPass format. Google it!

    Ά, και περιμένω εκείνη την επιταγή που λέγαμε για το recommendation! 😛

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