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Aibo, Lego mindstorms, Wii remote (wiimote), iPhone & Google’s Android! March 11, 2008

Filed under: HCI,interfaces,Multimodal,programming,robotics,Speech — perak @ 8:12 pm

What all these have in common? They will be my playground for a while …

I will have the chance to play with all of them during this samester!

As far as aibo and mindstorms are concerned, i will use them for the two robotics related courses i have enrolled in. Some possible projects I am thinking of :

  • Distributed speech recognition (DSR) : enchance the limited speech recognition capabilities of the aibo by exploiting the wireless link and a  speech recognition server.
  • Distributed image processing : enchance aibo’s limited machine vision capabilities by exploiting the wireless link and a machine vision server (similarly to DSR)
  • robot localization using multiple input modalities : machine vision + audio
  • enchanced gesture based interface or multimodal (speech + gesture interfaces)

Wiimote hacks for enchanced HCI, similar to these demos from CMU.

iPhone will be used,  to augment my speech & GUI multimodal interface prototype already  running on the Zaurus PDA, with the gesture modality.

Finally, i can’t resist from playing with Google’s  new Android platform,  for porting  various apps  I have in mind.

Whoa, my hacker alter ego will be definetely be back for good!!!



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