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Nokia buys Trolltech, gets on the mobile Linux bandwagon! January 28, 2008

Filed under: embedded,Linux,mobile,technology — perak @ 8:39 pm

I just came across this linuxdevice article, according to which Nokia will buy Trolltech! Interesting news! It seems Nokia is willing to adopt Linux in mobiles, in addition to the already Linux based web-pads (N800, N810) which use the Maemo environment (based on Gtk+/gnome). Expect a Gtk+/Qt war in the mobile platform arena too!

Nokia had already made a move towards Linux by embracing the “Open C” libraries last spring in order to help accelerate application development and porting to the Symbian OS.

After the recent Linux push by Google Android, it seems everybody is rushing to get on the mobile Linux bandwagon! Until now, only Motorola tried to embrance Linux, with limited success in far east Asia (China mainly).  The Nokia move will hopefully have a great effect on Linux penetration. With this move Nokia will finally lead two different mobile OSes (Symbian and Linux) which is a very cool move against the rest players (see Microsoft!)


One Response to “Nokia buys Trolltech, gets on the mobile Linux bandwagon!”

  1. DiGeomel Says:

    Actually, right now, the biggest supporter of Linux is…Microsoft! 🙂
    (s)Vista sucks so much that, given that support for XP will officially stop this summer, I think a lot of people will turn to Linux!

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