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(extra-) ordinary Sunday January 28, 2008

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After a lot of hard work during the past week, I thought i would give  me a  break (as i do  with most Sundays).  The wheather  was shiny , so  i rode my bike  around the old city  of Chania, but  that was not  enough.  I loaded  the bike  onto my car and  went  to  “Agious Apostoloys”  area  to  ride across the park.

Having four different small beaches around, i could not resist, so i went towards the sea and after a short time of hesitation, i did it! My first  swim  of the  year!  Now the best thing when swimming during January in Chania, is that while inside the cold sea, you have a magnificent view of the snowed “White mountains”! An amazing feeling!

After having a hot bath back home, i became too hungry, so i started calling my friends to go for the usual “another great food adventure” travel, as we usually do every Sunday  (perhaps we should publish our adventures in a related book sometime) . After doing this for the last 3 and a half years i though i had not much too see but it turns out i was wrong (again). We went to “Aidonisos”, a great restaurant in Gerani village. The plates were huge, food variety rich and the food was really delicious! I especially the “Volos tarta” and the “Vietnamese stakes”!

Getting back to Chania, we desperately needed a coffee break, so we headed to the “Kipos” cafe inside the central park. Returning to home late the night i fell in bed with a big smile. The spring season is coming, and i can’t wait for more such days to arrive.



2 Responses to “(extra-) ordinary Sunday”

  1. The word ‘Aidonisos’ explains it all! Very nice choice! I was just going to propose the usual visit to the Koukouvagia-Nymfes complex for a ‘zoumero’ (hot-juicy) chocolate cake (served with these two balls of ice-cream that bring the meaning of the word ‘contrast’ to another level)…I could hardly resist as you can guess…

  2. Christos Says:

    You made me very very jealous!

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