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gentoo update January 19, 2008

Filed under: Linux — perak @ 1:02 am


I am definitely “behind the technology curve” as a friend of mine calls it. My gentoo Linux system is of 2006.1 and i haven’t updated my portage tree, since April 2007! I wonder whether the gentoo guys still exist and are still top of the line. I noticed gentoo-based distributiions like Sabayon that look promising. And as shown in, gentoo is still relative popular (about 17th, used to be < 10 most of the time), despite recent problems (no 2007.1 release, various other problems). I hope they keep the good work this year too …

LWN ( has this nice yearly Linux review. KDE-4 is out,  this  is great, but  i am  thinking of  turning to xfce  for  this year (keep it simple dude!)


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