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gaming tech update January 19, 2008

Filed under: HCI,interfaces,technology — perak @ 10:50 am

Sure, i was an addicted game player during the glory days of the Amstrad 6128 era, but this was almost two decades ago! Doom and Quake were the hits of the mid 90s, that is more than a decade ago. Recently, a friend of mine got this Wii device to play with his dad (OK he needed some fun after finishing his PhD). I was sure i would never spend again my time gaming, but now i might reconsider …

I came across this impressive PS3 eyetoy demo. The graphics realism left me wondering … these ducks are absolutely cool!

Apart from the graphics, the interesting part is in the interaction techniques. Wii I guess is the leader in this area with Wii Fit and Wii Remote (wiimote). Wii remote uses accelometers, motion and optical sensing! Both are too impressive, gamepads are over!

coolness factor : 5!


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