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Nokia buys Trolltech, gets on the mobile Linux bandwagon! January 28, 2008

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I just came across this linuxdevice article, according to which Nokia will buy Trolltech! Interesting news! It seems Nokia is willing to adopt Linux in mobiles, in addition to the already Linux based web-pads (N800, N810) which use the Maemo environment (based on Gtk+/gnome). Expect a Gtk+/Qt war in the mobile platform arena too!

Nokia had already made a move towards Linux by embracing the “Open C” libraries last spring in order to help accelerate application development and porting to the Symbian OS.

After the recent Linux push by Google Android, it seems everybody is rushing to get on the mobile Linux bandwagon! Until now, only Motorola tried to embrance Linux, with limited success in far east Asia (China mainly).  The Nokia move will hopefully have a great effect on Linux penetration. With this move Nokia will finally lead two different mobile OSes (Symbian and Linux) which is a very cool move against the rest players (see Microsoft!)


(extra-) ordinary Sunday

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After a lot of hard work during the past week, I thought i would give  me a  break (as i do  with most Sundays).  The wheather  was shiny , so  i rode my bike  around the old city  of Chania, but  that was not  enough.  I loaded  the bike  onto my car and  went  to  “Agious Apostoloys”  area  to  ride across the park.

Having four different small beaches around, i could not resist, so i went towards the sea and after a short time of hesitation, i did it! My first  swim  of the  year!  Now the best thing when swimming during January in Chania, is that while inside the cold sea, you have a magnificent view of the snowed “White mountains”! An amazing feeling!

After having a hot bath back home, i became too hungry, so i started calling my friends to go for the usual “another great food adventure” travel, as we usually do every Sunday  (perhaps we should publish our adventures in a related book sometime) . After doing this for the last 3 and a half years i though i had not much too see but it turns out i was wrong (again). We went to “Aidonisos”, a great restaurant in Gerani village. The plates were huge, food variety rich and the food was really delicious! I especially the “Volos tarta” and the “Vietnamese stakes”!

Getting back to Chania, we desperately needed a coffee break, so we headed to the “Kipos” cafe inside the central park. Returning to home late the night i fell in bed with a big smile. The spring season is coming, and i can’t wait for more such days to arrive.



gaming tech update January 19, 2008

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Sure, i was an addicted game player during the glory days of the Amstrad 6128 era, but this was almost two decades ago! Doom and Quake were the hits of the mid 90s, that is more than a decade ago. Recently, a friend of mine got this Wii device to play with his dad (OK he needed some fun after finishing his PhD). I was sure i would never spend again my time gaming, but now i might reconsider …

I came across this impressive PS3 eyetoy demo. The graphics realism left me wondering … these ducks are absolutely cool!

Apart from the graphics, the interesting part is in the interaction techniques. Wii I guess is the leader in this area with Wii Fit and Wii Remote (wiimote). Wii remote uses accelometers, motion and optical sensing! Both are too impressive, gamepads are over!

coolness factor : 5!


Augmented reality rocks!

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During MMSP 2007 conference,  I came along with an augmented reality demo, which i tried out and it was really fun. I tell you, augmented reality will soon become a very hot topic, specially for mobiles.

Two impressive augmented reality demos in youtube :

An introductory demo about the technolgy
The total immersion demo, really cool!

coolness factor : 5!


gentoo update

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I am definitely “behind the technology curve” as a friend of mine calls it. My gentoo Linux system is of 2006.1 and i haven’t updated my portage tree, since April 2007! I wonder whether the gentoo guys still exist and are still top of the line. I noticed gentoo-based distributiions like Sabayon that look promising. And as shown in, gentoo is still relative popular (about 17th, used to be < 10 most of the time), despite recent problems (no 2007.1 release, various other problems). I hope they keep the good work this year too …

LWN ( has this nice yearly Linux review. KDE-4 is out,  this  is great, but  i am  thinking of  turning to xfce  for  this year (keep it simple dude!)


It’s a long time … January 18, 2008

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when i started this blog, i never though i would post everyday, but hell, it is almost one and a half year after the last post!!!  Perhaps I was too busy with  my PhD, riding my bike on the mountains or swimming across the seas 🙂

Too many things changed during that time … Times ago i used to spent many hours a day coding and keep myself updated by reading a great deal of stuff all over the net. So, if this blog existed during these glory days, it would have been probably populated with thousands of posts (what a miss!) .

So, today i found myself trying to find out the latest news on the (code) development arena untill i realized i have missed a lot of important info! Since the only code i write lately is in Latex (papers/reports etc.) i feel that starting writing again in this blog will push me a bit updated as far as (code) development is concerned which in turn may result starting some kind of cool personal project to keep me busy 🙂

I need my hacker alter-ego come back!