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Well done Jive! July 29, 2006

Filed under: IM/jabber,technology — perak @ 9:10 am

Just downloaded and tested Wildfire jabber server from Jive. It’s a full featured java jabber server with a very handy web configuration tool. Setup and configuration was really a breeze, comparing to the old jabberd server. I am sure this server will be a huge success and will help spread the jabber community. Well done Jive!

They also maintain the Smack jabber library. I haven’t check it yet but I am sure they have done a very good job!

Finally, I downloaded the Spark messenger which was recently released as open-source. It has all the basic functionality, but it’s a bit slow and memory hungry for just a jabber client! If the community helps, it might soon become another good option for all jabber users out there.

Coolness factor : 4.8 (server), 3.0 (client)


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